Welsh Wonders

These tours are aimed to give each individual the opportunity to relish in the beauty of the land as well as touch upon the magic of our Welsh Legends.

History Haven

As the name suggests, these are tours to various historical locations within Wales. Learn more about our fascinating history, past and present.

Facts and Fun

These tours are both relaxing, educational and fun. They will include a visit to a historical place of interest, followed by an opportunity to soak up some pampering, an afternoon at the races, a football match or even a chance to shop! For families, I suggest a historical place of interest followed by a leisurely walk in the woods, on the beach or a play in the park to use up all of that pent up energy! To end the day we would have a well-deserved drink and tasty home cooked food in one of my favourite pubs.

Siarad Slic

What better way to learn the Welsh language than through real life, hands on experiences?

I am not a teacher, but do have an 'O' level Welsh qualification and as much passion for the language as for the country itself.

'Siarad Slic' gives each individual the opportunity to learn Welsh in a fun, relaxed atmosphere, with a focus on learning Welsh as a means of oral communication and understanding. 'Siarad Slic' is an opportunity to learn Welsh on tour! It's an opportunity to visit locations such as the farm, the supermarket, the park and many more, focusing on learning the relevant vocabularly in each situation. It's a tour that takes the classroom outdoors, a tour that focuses on the senses and makes learning a language fun and worthwile. It would be not only an opportunity to learn the language, but also an opportunity to visit and appreciate areas of cultural importance.

These tours are catered for adults, families or schools. Each adult tour would finish with a trip to one of my many pubs, an opportunity to sample the beer, which may of course aid in the flow of the language!

Pub Crawl

For those choosing the Pub Crawl path, you’re certainly after my own heart as I’ve taken a keen interest in public houses for many, many years! For those keen pub crawlers amongst us, why not take the opportunity to learn a little pub history while sampling the beer in these fine establishments. Take a step away from the stresses of everyday life and join me on one of my many unwinding journeys to discover some hidden gems. These pubs are steeped in history but thankfully still serving the weary traveller.

You could be a group of Businessmen - bored and over worked? You could be teachers escaping from 'Estyn'! You may be a couple who have become passing ships in a manic households or even mothers wanting a break from your mundane life! You may be retired and sick to death of the sight of your nagging husband, or more so wife! You may be diligent students wishing to get to know more about public houses in the vicinity of Cardiff, Swansea or Bangor? Whichever you are my pub tours will cater for anyone, as long as you're 18 or over!

Allow me to take you away from the cities and explore the hidden gems of the hills and valleys nearby. Visit pubs with full of history - many with tales to tell! For once there is no need to worry about drink and drive - allow an experienced pub connoisseur to take you around.

Pick and Mix

As the name suggests pick and mix any tours from the various options. More than happy to consider any tour within reason! Suggest a possible tour and I will endeavour to comply with your choices or suggest alternatives. You could pick and mix within the selections that I offer on "Dylan's Tours", or you could select your own day out and simply require me to pick you up and drop you off in a few places throughout the day. Contact me and I'll see what I can do.


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